1/30 Trail Report

Hello sledheads. Just spoke with a member that rode yesterday and it sounds like conditions are looking good with an ice base and 3-6” on top of it. Normal caveats apply as traffic will have its normal affect on trails. Some areas will have a little more snow than others but all areas should be rideable. Groomers have been out and I’m told are doing a nice job. They likely will run through the weekend. If you ride, ride right and be safe. Enjoy.

Clubhouse will be open this weekend.

PS as I’ve been told some complaints have been lobbied about lack of reporting, I live downstate and conditions have not warranted a post, as some would find issue with less than stellar conditions, so I waited until things got to a “safe” point to update. We will now put weekly updates on to let to know how things are holding up. Please thank all of the volunteers that keep all of this going for your enjoyment. We do this for the love of the sport without a paycheck.


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