Trail Clearing – Almost Ready !!

We had a very good turnout for our trail clearing as both the north and south routes to our clubhouse were addressed. With seven inches of rain the week prior there was a 4/10 mile stretch of trail that was flooded with 3 inches of standing water (Baxter’s Bakery to Log Cabin Restaurant ) that wasn’t touched by the trail teams. That small stretch will be addressed once freeze up occurs as it’s in need of serious clearing. A huge thank you goes out to our trail clearing crew Walt Murphy, Corey Hockel, Bryce Schmell, Nolan Schmell, Jon Card, Scott Caps, Rob Myers, Tom Byrne, Dave Frost, Walt Domarew, Brian Shoop, Nicole Shoop, Edgar Shelmire and Jim Baney.

While the trail clearing team was in the field the ladies were busy at work at the clubhouse preparing the brochures for our annual mass mailing of the memberships and preparing a wonderful lunch that included burgers and hotdogs on the grill. A big thank you goes out to Karen Myers, Aine Bryne, Belinda Frost, Mary Domarew and June Baney for a job well done. A great job by everyone!

Think *Snow*

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